Weight Loss Therapy in Calgary

lose weight easily
Lose weight easily.

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Weight Loss 


Desireshealth, beauty and wellness. The challenge? They want easy, fast and fit within their budget.  By simply investing in a HOCATT Ozone Sauna multi-session package(5 for $300). Some of the benefits they will enjoy include weight loss, improved appearance, and more energy.

Beauty from the Inside Out

Beauty is on the inside.  Healthier people have prettier skin, normal weight ranges, and frankly just look and feel much better. Yet when it comes to beauty, many try the outside in approach, spending thousands of dollars on creams, lotions and surgical.

What every person really desires is a way to get to a healthy weight, look great, feel great and do it without enormous effort and major life-style changes.

The Hocatt Plus offers the opportunity to embrace a more natural and healthy “inside- out” approach. The HOCATT system sets the stage for the body to oxygenate the cells, stimulate natural anti oxidant production, balance nerve function and detoxify the endocrine system.  

Muscle Toning, Sculpting and Calorie Burning  = Healthy, Vibrant, Attractive  Body!


• Ozone Therapy • CO2 Therapy • Ultrasonic Cavitation • Hyperthermia • Far Infrared Therapy

• Aromatherapy • Electrotherapy • Exercising with Oxygen

Through the multiple modalities provided:

Cost $65.00 per session.  Takes approximately 60 minutes.            5 Sessions $300.00

2. Eating the weight loss diet for life

When eating organic foods and eliminating intolerant foods, you will never be hungry, full of energy, and not regaining the weight.

We find your intolerant foods.  Your adrenal and thyroid glands may need support.

We correct your emotional imbalances and make sure you are sleeping.

We do a detox program to rid you of heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals. (zeolite, chorella, cilantro)

The success rate is better than 80% over 6 months.


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