The Connection Between Lyme Disease and Cancer

The Connection Between Lyme Disease and Cancer

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Lyme disease and various types of cancer. Some researchers and doctors claim that there is a link between the two and documented cases have shown a Lyme disease diagnosis has been to blame for the diagnosis of cancer in patients.

Lyme disease has many symptoms that mimic those of common ailments including the flu and even federally regulated tests have been inconclusive and not recommended, thus making a complete diagnosis difficult. In fact, many doctors make a diagnosis of Lyme disease simply on appearance and symptoms provided by the patient.

Antibiotics are the recommended course of treatment for Lyme disease and often times, years go back and when the antibiotics are not working to cure and relieve the symptoms, further testing is conducted and a cancer diagnosis is then made.

According to the article by New England Center for Investigative Reporting, “Many sick patients and some doctors believe the problems stem from an active infection that often must be treated with even more antibiotics.  But medical establishment doctors, including the CDC, remain unconvinced, and believe some patients never had Lyme to begin with.”

The headaches, chills, high fever, muscle aches and joint pains that people with Lyme disease suffer from are also found in patients unbeknownst to be suffering from cancer as well. More research will need to be done, but it is worth the further investigation when chronic symptoms occur and antibiotic-resistance becomes evident in patients who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

While Lyme disease is a serious threat to any person’s health, early detection and treatment of cancer can drastically improve a person’s chance for survival. If you are concerned that your symptoms of a Lyme disease diagnosis are getting worse or are remaining persistent, contact your health practitioner and for a natural approach to healing, contact Western Naturopathic.

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