Shamanic Healing

We need to do are own work to heal. Shamanism is not a cult, religion or intellectual.
It is real. We don’t care who you are or who you were. What is important is who you will become.
We enter the state of alter conscious at will to acquire knowledge to help others. The goal of the shaman is to help others and be of service. Shaman is peace.


A shaman is self referencing. We trust ourselves. A shaman does not need approval from others.


A shaman holds the balance of light and dark.
A shaman is pragmatic, creative and open minded.
A shaman does not like to own land but are caretakers of the land.

A shaman works with the divine, no intermediates necessary.

Healing is instantaneous but curing takes time.
A sliver can be pulled out, but to heal the wound will take time.
Intent is everything, do not be attached to the outcome.
I wish to be of service. I can be of service by talking, feeling, guiding. Let the divine do it.

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