The ketogenic diet (or keto diet) has been practiced for more than nine decades and is based upon a solid understanding of physiology and nutrition science.

How Does The Keto Diet Help Diabetes?

The keto diet works because it changes the very “fuel source” that the body uses to stay energized: namely, from burning glucose (or sugar) to dietary fat.

Diabetes is an illness related to elevated blood sugar levels. When you stop releasing and responding to normal amounts of insulin after eating foods with carbohydrates, sugar and fats, you have diabetes.


Type 2 diabetes is caused

  1. a) by insulin resistance, which means that the hormone insulin is being released, but a person doesn’t respond to it appropriately.
  2. b) Or when the body can not make enough insulin.



Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder that’s caused by high blood sugar.

The Keto Diet is loaded with higher fats and lower carbohydrates so that the body burns fat for energy.

Can The Ketogenic Diet Support The Diabetic Patients?

A growing body of evidence shows that a diet high in healthy fats and very low in carbs is a safe and effective for a diabetic(1).

The average person devours 19 teaspoons of sugar, every day — compared to 200 years ago, a person ate 32 teaspoons per year.

A yearlong study of the ketogenic diet in overweight diabetes patients,  found that 94 percent of those on a ketogenic diet were able to reduce  their use of insulin(2).

How? With every carbohydrate (sugar) being eaten, insulin is only needed in small quantities.

The study also found that 42 percent of the keto dieters whose blood sugar had dropped below the diabetic zone were able to stop taking their diabetes medications(3).

In other words, as their blood sugar levels normalized, their insulin did too, and their bodies were able to resume healthy functioning without medication.


The ketogenic diet offers wonderful support to the diabetic patients. The diet comes extremely beneficial to reduce the level of glucose.

Most importantly, a number of long-term studies (over months and years) show that a keto diet reverses type 2 diabetes(4).

The Keto Diet can also help sharpen mental faculties and keep individuals focused and ready to go at all hours of the day, without any of the fatigue.

Dr. Quan’s Keto vs Standard Keto

Dr. Quan Keto:  Loads of veggies Standard Keto: Few veggies

Dr. Quan Keto: Organic meat       Standard Keto:  Conventional meat

Dr. Quan Keto: High in collagen    Standard Keto: No collagen

Dr. Quan Keto: Nutrient dense foods Standard Keto:  Butter/bacon

Dr. Quan Keto: Alkalizing                       Standard Keto: Acidic

If you’re like most patients, you can expect to lose an average of 6 to 10 pounds in 30 days.

We will help you find your food intolerances, weak organs, dental issues, emotional imbalances and heavy metals to speed your healing.

We will also help you with insomnia, bowel issues, mood swings, pain and to balance hormones.

I will take the time for you to succeed.






To reverse diabetes naturally, remove foods like refined sugar, grains, cow’s milk, alcohol, GMO foods and hydrogenated oils.

Incorporate healthy foods high in fiber, chromium, magnesium, healthy fats and clean protein, along with low glycemic foods.

Follow the Keto Diet eating plan and exercise to balance blood sugar.



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