Pediatric Cancer

Cord blood of a newborn contains more than 1000’s of chemical toxins. If the mother has root canal or infected teeth, then those toxins will be in the core blood as well.
Then we give newborn vaccinations that contain heavy metals, viruses and animal protein.

Then they get breast milk that contain her toxins. Or formula with pasteurized milk. Pasteurized milk that is cooked so it damages all the proteins in the milk. These damaged proteins are toxic. If heated in microwave oven then it reverses the polarity of the water.

Then started on baby food that is filled with GMO pesticides. Their water contains fluoride, one of the strongest electron stealers and damages the thyroid.

They crawl around on carpet filled with formaldehyde. They are given toys that has lead. Then given more vaccinations.

Get an ear infection and given antibiotics (electron stealers).

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