Nutrients you can grow in your home!

Get 20 ounces of nutrients by growing microgreens in your home.

The nutrient content is declining over time.

Our fruits and vegetables are lacking in minerals. Why?

Farming practices and crop varieties. We need to grow organic and recycle the dead leaves back into the soil. We are growing the same crops year after year, we need variety. We need natural manure.

How can we stop?


Microgreens gives you more nutrient dense products.

Why eat microgreens?

With microgreens your not only getting more nutrition per square inch, your are not getting added chemicals like round-up. Plus you can grow them in your home, more fresher, save money, and eat healthy.

 They are nutrient dense. They have a wider flavor profile. Plus, you can easily eat more of them than the adult plants.

 Microgreens are high in vitamin C, vitamin A,  and minerals.

 20 ounces of broccoli has the same amount of nutrients as one ounce of broccoli sprouts.

The most nutrient dense varieties are red cabbage, cilantro, and celery.

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