Natural Lyme Disease Treatment


Calgary’s Western Naturopathic Lyme disease treatment has helped many individuals recover their health. Dr. Quan’s Lyme disease treatment involves finding the many causes of Lyme disease, whether it’s a pathogen, allergy, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, leaky gut, heavy metals, fungus, virus, electro-smog and emotional.

Dr. Quan is a certified Klinghardt practitioner.

Laboratory Testing

A test for Lyme disease is available from and

Much more sensitive than previous methods, this test provides highly specific data and is also effective in detecting the early stages of Lyme disease, which used to be difficult with previous testing methods.


1.Klinghardt’s Lyme cocktail, Zeolite, Cilantro, IV Ozone, Chelation, Bee Venom, LDI, ozonated oils, cistus tea, artesunate and parasite reduction.

We follow the Klinghardt Protocol, a treatment modality which has proven beneficial for over 900 patients.

Dr. Ty Vincent’s LDI ( Low Dose Immunotherapy ).  This therapy is a retraining of the immune system to restore immune tolerance.  It involves the education of regulatory T lymphocytes. Uses of LDI Therapy includes Allergies, Autoimmune disease, Yeast sensitivity, Autism, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Infections, Lyme and Fibromyalgia.  There is no needles, only 1/4 teaspoon of homeopathic solution under the tongue every 10-30 days.  Cost is $20 plus naturopathic visit $65.00.

3.CBT (cranial biotic technique) decrease infections without the use of supplements

4.UBI ultraviolet blood irradiation (5 pass).

5.chelation (Dmps, EDTA, Phosatidylcholine)

6.infrared sauna

7.foot soak


9.Dental issues

10.Bee venom

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

  • Episodes of inappropriate fatigue during day
  • Difficulty sleeping, waking un-refreshed
  • General feeling of weakness, with shortness of breath after brief exertion, increased heart rate
  • Sinus problems, sore throats, light sensitivity, “floaters”
  • Increased thirst, but “water runs straight through,” increased urination, light urine color
  • Body aches
  • Difficulty with short term memory, concentration, word finding, mood swings, decreased assimilation
  • Difficulty regulating body temperature, sometimes with night sweats
  • Cough, headache, blurred vision, strange neurological symptoms: vibration, sounds, tingling, numbness

For more information on Dr. Klinghardt and his treatments for Lyme disease, please visit his main site, and read his article, “Why Is Lyme Disease Not JUST a Tick-Borne Disease Anymore?”

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