How We Treat

We Test For Food Allergies

This is the basis of the treatment.  The more you stay away from these foods, the more you will succeed. Organic foods are essential.

Fix the Leaky Gut

If the leaky gut continues, we will have food intolerances with auto-immune disease.  Take colostrum, zeolite, probiotics, bone broth, vitamin D, sulforaphane, quercetin, and glutamine.  Bacteria, toxins, parasites, virus, spirochetes, and undigested food will leak pass the intestines into the bloodstream and cause sickness.

Reduce Microbes

We can find the species of microbes that are in your brain, lungs, heart, liver, prostate, and cervix. We can give you the botanical remedies that will reduce these bugs.

Decrease Toxins

Aluminum, fire retardants, round up, plastic,  uranium, chemtrails, thimerosal,  paint mix,  aspartame, glutaraldehyde, BMAA,  formaldehyde, & cesium.  We can reduce these toxins with zeolite, chlorella, cilantro, takesumi, and foot soaking.

Lessen Auto-immune

An auto-immune condition is the immune system attacking itself. This can be treated by autosanguis therapy, segmental therapy & supplements.

Improve the immune system

Bravo suppositories and Rerum drops, activates macrophages. It rebuilds the immune system to destroy cancer, infections and chronic diseases. Taking these replaces the missing part of the immune system.

Strengthen Weak Organs

Weak Organs can be strengthened by herbal tinctures, homeopathic preparations, and essential nutrients. We monitor the organ strength constantly.

Do Soul Healing

Soul healing completes health. We heal the physical, emotional, mental and spirit.

Decrease Emotional Toxicity

If we wish to be better, then we forgive. We test for emotional dysfunction and we reduce these. We do this by family constellation therapy and tapping.

Correct Scar Interference

Each scar has 12 volts of electrical interference.  It can be detrimental to your health by not allowing communication. Scars may cause pain and numbness.

Balance Your Hormones

  • Estrogen,Progesterone
  • Dhea, Cortisol, Insulin
  • Testosterone, PSA,
  • Thyroid, Pregnenolone

Give Injections

Injections with homeopathics strengthen the organs (liver, stomach, spleen, adrenals) so they can function better.

Give Intravenous Solutions

Vitamin C, EDTA, Bicarbonate, Hydrogen peroxide, Phosphatidylcholine, Colloidal silver, Lipoic acid, DMPS, Artesunate, DMSO.

Give Ozone Therapy

Ozone is added to the blood, so the cells can produce energy, thus defending itself against the invading infection. Ozone is also an anti-viral.

Refer to a Biological Dentist

Many breast cancer patients have root canals.  Biological dentists are trained to detect infected root canals with the 3D Cone Beam Scan.

Is the number one priority of my health problems is in my mouth?

Root Canal? Mercury? Cavitations?

“There’s no branch of medicine that exists where a dead organ is left in except in dentistry where a root canal is left in.

If a guy’s got a gangrenous toe, you got to cut the toe off because it is bacterial infected and it’s toxic and it’s going kill the patient.

If you think that you can get away with an infected toxic tooth and not have a systemic consequence, I think you’re deluding yourself.”  Dr. Minkoff