Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T)

klinghardtWe use Dr. Klinghardt’s A.R.T. ( Autonomic Response Testing) to guide.

  • It is accurate and reliable.
  • It is an advanced muscle testing for both physical and emotional problems.
  • It finds the weak organs, restores the self regulating mechanism.
  • It can monitor progress months before a CT Scan, MRI, or Ultasound.
  • It has the ability to prioritize an approach to complicated illness.
  • It lets us know the most effective supplement.
  • It lets us know what and where the toxins (chemicals, mercury, lead, cell phone radiation, infections, cancer markers).
  • It helps find the cause of your problem. “Your migraine occurs because of a weak liver, gallbladder and weak ligaments”
  • It identifies food intolerances.
  • Autonomic Response Testing is not intended to be used as single method of diagnoses. ART muscle testing should enhance standard diagnosis — not replace it.