Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Enlarged Prostate BPH

BPH Treatment in Calgary

BPH Causes

As men age, their prostate enlarge due to the loss of elasticity from the wall lining of the bladder. This results in a weak stream, and decreased ability to retain urine that causes the likelihood of having to constantly urinate especially at night.

BPH Treatment Goals

  1. Improvement in urinary flow, and to maintain it in the long-term.
  2. Improved erectile function.
  3. Decrease and eventually cease taking their BPH medications within a few weeks.
  4. Offer lasting symptom relief.

BPH Therapy

BPH Treatment

  1. Delwa-Star Heat Pulse Therapy
  2. LED light Pad

1. Delwa-Star Heat pulse therapy unit for self-treatment of prostate enlargement. The Delwa-Star is a therapy device that is controlled by a micro-processor which heats a temperature-adjustable thermal element sealed in a rectal probe.

This rectal probe, which is the shape of an elongated suppository, is introduced into the anal canal and set at a temperature, which is ideal and comfortable for the patient (37° – 45 °C). The probe radiates pulsing heat waves for 20 minute periods at the desired temperature. The patient will feel soothed by the gentle, pulsating heat therapy. The recommended treatment consists in the application of thermodynamics probe twice daily for 20 minutes.

Statistics from Europe show the Delwa-Star Eco Therm relieved prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) in more than 85% of patients and benign prostate hyperplasia in more than 80% of patients. The therapy is comfortable with no side effects, toxins or pain.

2. This LED red light can help reduce inflammation 5 times faster than herbal medicine. It is a painless and effective way to reduce inflammation to the afflicted areas.