Children’s Health, The Nation’s Wealth: Assessing and Improving Child Health.

Three rules in my practice:

  1. Reduce sugar
  2. Reduce GMO’s
  3. Change a C student to an A.

A happy, healthy child can have some real benefits. A positive start to school can establish a child’s readiness to learn.

I stock KetoKerri products, — Breakthrough Vitamin D, Black Seed Oil, Zeolite, ionic balancer footbath, Humic Fulvic Minerals, Ultra Binder

Dr. Minkoff products — Perfect Aminos, Perfect Greens, Perfect Greens, Metal Free, Body detox, Immune defense probiotic,

Seroyal, Pure Encapsulations, and Douglas Labs Products

Naturopathic doctors can serve as your child’s primary pediatrician.

Naturopathic pediatric care is all about optimizing your child’s health.

Naturopathic doctors serve the whole family.

Helping Children with chronic illness.