Chelation Therapy from Western Naturopathic in Calgary

We have performed thousands of chelation treatments. We encourage many patients to undergo this therapy because is it not only in effective the treatment of heart disease but also increases energy.

For patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, chelation is usually performed twice a week for up to 40 treatments. Those undergoing this protocol can expect to notice a reduction or elimination of the symptoms week by week.

Chelation works by increasing circulation to the heart or other areas of the body by reducing inflammation and opening up smaller blood vessels. Many patients  use chelation to reduce heavy metals.

Heavy metals are found in all of us and sometimes they continue to build up to toxic levels that lead to symptoms. Many patients with undiagnosed diseases benefit from chelation.

Phosphatidylcholine helps reduce plaque which reduces angina and increases circulation.

We also have EDTA suppositories, Zeolite, Chorella, Cilantro and DMSA capsules.


EDTA Chelation Therapy in Calgary ABYour Heart & Chelation Therapy

In uncovering the effectiveness of chelation therapy on cardiovascular issues, the National Institute of Health conducted a 10-year, $31 million dollar clinical trial. The results?

  • 26% Improvement in Heart Disease*
  • 39% Improvement in Diabetes*
  • 23% Improvement in Heart Attacks*       *National Institutes of Health TACT study

These results are with chelation therapy alone; just imagine the results when it is used alongside other complementary medicines!

Cost of Chelation – $125. Add glutathione and ozone  — cost  $150.00.
This treatment includes one of the following:

  • Sodium EDTA
  • Calcium EDTA
  • DMPS
  • Phosphatidylcholine

Ideally we do baseline from Rocky Mountain Labs, to see how much mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminium, arsenic and thallium you have.

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