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Insect Species Are Rapidly Going Extinct Across The Globe – All Insects Could Be Gone “In 100 Years”

Even though most people don’t seem to realize it yet, we are in the midst of a major extinction level event.  And even though it is happening in slow motion, given enough time we would see most life on this planet completely wiped out.  Insects are absolutely critical to the global food chain, and right now we are literally on the brink of an ecological Armageddon.  All over the world insect populations have been declining precipitously in recent years, and this has already been causing a chain reaction among birds, reptiles and others that eat insects.  Species after species is going extinct, and as you will see below, one environmental scientist is now warning that at our current pace all insects could be completely gone “in 100 years”.





This is a true environmental crisis, and yet it is getting relatively little attention from those that call themselves “environmentalists”.  But hopefully people will start to wake up, because this is extremely serious.

Over in Germany, the Amateur Entomology Society of Krefeld is telling us that the population of flying insects in their area has plunged by 76 percent over the last 37 years…

This warning comes from German entomology enthusiasts, or bug catchers, who have collected 80 million insects in the Rhine countryside over the last 37 years.

Their collection is now a world-class scientific treasure and also evidence of what is described as one of Earth’s worst extinction phases since the dinosaurs vanished.

The total annual biomass of flying insects collected has plummeted by 76 percent since the insect-lovers began their meticulous studies.


As I noted yesterday, an astounding 37 percent of all honeybee colonies in the United States died off last winter.

So what you are going to do when they are gone?  Are you going to go out and start pollinating our crops by hand?

In addition, the loss of insects is absolutely disastrous for all of the animals that eat them.  According to Sánchez-Bayo, we could see billions of birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish starve to death

One of the biggest impacts of insect loss is on the many birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish that eat insects. “If this food source is taken away, all these animals starve to death,” he said. Such cascading effects have already been seen in Puerto Rico, where a recent study revealed a 98% fall in ground insects over 35 years.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Unless something truly miraculous happens, our planet is doomed, and the clock is ticking.

A lot of people out there keep waiting for a “collapse” to happen, but the truth is that “collapse” is already happening all around us.





If we stay on the path that we are currently on, there is no future for our civilization.

Unfortunately, right now most people are simply not listening to those of us that are trying to sound the alarm.



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