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Toxins in your life

A common toxin that people are exposed to is chlorine.  Chlorine has been used to kill bacteria. Scientist said it is correlated with cancer. If I am drinking chlorinated water, the chlorine is not going in my digestive tract and eliminating to good and bad bacteria.


Fluoride is present in toothpaste and can block T4-T3 conversion which is needed for thyroid function.

Mercury from silver fillings leak into the brain, liver and kidneys.  It may cause unnatural cell mutations and brain damage.

Artificial sweeteners create intestinal glucose resistance within one week of daily artificial sweeteners consumption. It may disrupt blood sugar regulation.

Heavy metals in plants you consume have an impact in your health, it reduces liver, kidney and lymph function.

Pesticides have a cancer-causing potential.

Excess sugar depress immunity. Eating four fruits which is equivalent to 25 cubes of sugar decrease the immune system for 6 hours, so wounds will not heal.

Over 2000 preservatives, flavoring and colors do not require testing for estrogenic activity.

Genetically engineer foods may lead to leaky gut syndrome.

Gluten is linked with neurological disorders.

Synthetic vitamins are not the same as natural or food-based vitamins.


Brain development and behavior may be impacted by antibiotics given to animals. If a person consumes resistant bacteria, it will decrease brain development.

How to deal with toxins

Every day, the average person encounters benzene. Benzene damages DNA and causes cancer. When you are pumping gas, a small amount of benzene is inhaled. You also are exposed to other chemical toxins from paint, printing ink, coolants, wood floor finishes, cosmetics, pizza boxes, and popcorn bags. Some of these toxic chemicals are PCBs, BPAs,…

Our World

Every day 43 kids are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is the #1 cause of disease related death for children. The poisoning of an entire generation – Glyphosate (round-up — herbicide) makes both mercury and aluminium more toxic. Empirical data confirm autism symptoms related to aluminium and Tylenol exposure. Toxicity is a generation epidemic.  “I believe…

Toxic Overload

In the home, car or work, chemicals residues and toxins are keeping us sick. Restore is a product that helps increase our immunity and our detoxication. Scientist has shown that Restore boosts membrane integrity in the gut. Tight junctions are a protein strand that binds cells together to make a continuous membrane that extends from…

Toxins and Their Harmfulness

We live in a world where environment toxins are contaminating our bodies, homes and work. These toxins hinder us and prevent us from functioning optimally. These toxins are: heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum) chemicals cell phone radiation root canals (infections under the gums) These toxins are in the air, water, food, homes and…