Cancer Prevention


Cancer is caused cumulative consumption of toxins over time.  If you consume, inhale or apply toxins, your cancer doctor can’t help.

No surgery can cut the toxins out of your body. Chemotherapy and radiation adds toxins to the body.

Use common sense.  There is no one thing to cure cancer.   To rid cancer, we must attack from many sides.

Even if you remove part of your cancerous liver, but if you continue to eat, drink, breathe and apply toxins – your cancer will come back in another area.

Avoid eating GMO’s. GMO are foreign substances to your body. They are toxins.

Make sure your cosmetics are natural and do not contain lead, mercury, arsenic or cadmium.

Use essential oils to freshen your home.

Avoid vaccines and flu shots that contain mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde.

Filter your tap water.  Use a Brita or Santevia to filter out toxins.

Reduce your carbohydrate or sugar intake – sugar makes cancer grow faster.

Avoid artificial sweeteners, they are foreign to the body.

Get your PH closer to seven, cancer loves to be an acidic environment. Eat more vegetables, they are more alkaline. Meat is acidic.

Use a wired computer, wired phone and wired printer.  Wireless damages the nervous system.

Get 8 hours or sleep, have a regular sleep schedule.

Drink 8 glasses of water and no coffee(carcinogenic)

Caner can be prevented.

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