WHY has breast cancer occurred—what are the underlying causes?


Tending Your Garden: Treating the Soil in Which Cancer Grows — Affordable

Traditionally, we have focused on late-stage curative care, and in doing so, we have missed the thinking and the treatments focused on changing the underlying conditions that led to the cancer in the first place. Diet, lifestyle, thoughts, and environmental toxins all interact with our genes to change the landscape of our health.

The future of cancer care lies not in finding the best chemo, the right dose of radiation, or a new surgical technique, but in finding the right way to personalize treatment according to the individual imbalances in each person.

At the cancer clinic we focus on finding:

  • the emotional cause – “Can’t forgive someone” – Abused? – Frustrated? Bullied? Used? Abandoned? Adopted?
  • A fungus; a virus; a oncogene; toxic metals; chemicals;
  • Weak organs
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Cell phone radiation
  • Dental cavitations
  • Food allergies


  1. Correct the emotional cause
  2. Eliminate the fungus, the virus, the toxic chemicals, the heavy metals, the parasites, the bacteria
  3. Strengthen the weak organs
  4. Vitamin C infusions, Bicarbonate, PEMF, and DMPS, Ozone, HoCatt
  5. Coffee enemas
  6. Frankincense essential oils

Calgary’s Natural Alternative for Treating Cancer

Calgary’s Western Naturopathic cancer treatment has helped many individuals recover their health. Dr. Quan’s cancer program involves finding the cause; is it a nutritional deficiency, toxic heavy metals, plastics, electro-smog, emotional issues, food allergies, infectious organism, dental, geopathic stress, or organ weakness? Dr. Quan will find the answer. The program includes the use of intravenous therapies alongside detoxification and diet modification.

Vitamin C, Ozone, Chelation, Bicarbonate/Procaine, PEMF, Hyperthermia

We use high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy, B17, intravenous sodium bicarbonate/procaine,  lipoic acid, DCA and artesunate, Helixor (mistletoe) which have been shown to act as anti-cancer agents. We also utilize a combination of Ozone/PEMF to help stimulate the immune system to fight the cancer. These treatments also reduce the side effects of chemo and radiation. The emotional issues are dissolved through tapping. Also utilized is family constellation and emotional clearing by a shaman.

We have aluminum detoxes — Sentinel Breast Cream, Belly Fat Freedom, Detox Deodorant

We use ozone injections to decrease the size of the tumor in the breast

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Dr. Quan is a student of Dr. Klinghardt, one of the leading natural medicine physicians in the world.