Mold and Fungus

Moldy bread –  A fungus that ruins an entire loaf of bread.  Each mold organism is very small.  The large sections of mold are thousands of interconnected organisms.  Molds can break down decaying matter of food.

Mold is a multi-cellular fungus.   Mold is everywhere.  You say “I don’t have mold in my home.” But this loaf of bread and orange, where did the mold come from.  Invisible mold.  We have invisible mold.  Mold can survive hot or cold. (moldy strawberries and cheese in the fridge)

What effect has mold on our health?

Mold only causes harm in large amounts.  Some people are allergic to mold.  These toxins can cause neurological damage and severe respiratory damage.

I usually find 4-6 species of mold in my patients.  Most of them say, “I have no mold on my walls”.

Besides invisible mold, fungus may be found in your car, on your clothes, or at your work place.


How to treat?

  • improve the immune function – some people have an auto-immune problem – we need to get rid of the auto-immune with autosanguis therapy
  • root canal or mercury fillings?
  • Check for food sensitivities – I find at least 20 items not to be eaten
  • See if heavy metals (aluminum, cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic) are a problem – use chlorella, Imd, Edta suppositories, zeobind
  • Lots of chemicals – roundup? Pesticides, herbicides, MSG, plastics
  • Do parasite cleans – mold will hide in the parasites – I find 20 species in almost everyone
  • Wireless? Cell phone or computer – use bioband, energy polarity diodes
  • What other infections? Parasites, viruses, bacteria, Lyme
  • Find if mold is in the home, car, workplace
  • Use a diffuser in the home with hydroxyl and tea tree oil
  • Use a nebulizer with hydroxyl for fungus in the lungs
  • Bath with 1 cup of concentrated hydrogen peroxide and 1.5 cups of Epsom salts for 2 weeks for skin and nail problems
  • Use ozone in the nose with procaine and nasal clear to fix sinus congestion
  • May need emotional work
  • Use herbal fungicides – A FNG, Nexus suppositories, Garlic PRO, Hydroxyl, Myco regen, Promyco


Hydrogen Peroxide

Therapeutic use of hydrogen peroxide is a systemic therapy (affecting the whole body). Thus, it creates an environment that enables the body to heal itself of all diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungus, molds, and parasites. Because of increase oxygen, the immune system is boosted, thereby enabling the body to heal itself. Why does oxygen…

Why do people get psoriasis or eczema?

We have 6 organs of excretion, the lung liver, kidney, colon, lymphatics and the skin.  When one of them is not working well, the skin could take up the slack to excrete the toxins, hence psoriasis /eczema.         We must help the body: Drink 8 cups of water so all the organs…

Why Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathy is centered upon the body’s ability to heal itself. The Naturopath’s role is to ensure the right conditions exist. If too much toxins (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals) are found in the body, we detoxify. The naturopathic doctor finds the underlying cause of disease and then uses the most natural, non toxic…

Our World

Every day 43 kids are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is the #1 cause of disease related death for children. The poisoning of an entire generation – Glyphosate (round-up — herbicide) makes both mercury and aluminium more toxic. Empirical data confirm autism symptoms related to aluminium and Tylenol exposure. Toxicity is a generation epidemic.  “I believe…

Toxic Overload

In the home, car or work, chemicals residues and toxins are keeping us sick. Restore is a product that helps increase our immunity and our detoxication. Scientist has shown that Restore boosts membrane integrity in the gut. Tight junctions are a protein strand that binds cells together to make a continuous membrane that extends from…


If you have mold in your environment, you may only get marginally better. Mold can be on your walls, floors, ceilings, your car and at work. It may be invisible, but it still causes harm.  It releases spores and mycotoxins continuously, so we get sick from inhaling these spores. More than 50% of homes have…

Toxins and Their Harmfulness

We live in a world where environment toxins are contaminating our bodies, homes and work. These toxins hinder us and prevent us from functioning optimally. These toxins are: heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum) chemicals cell phone radiation root canals (infections under the gums) These toxins are in the air, water, food, homes and…

The importance of eating fresh and organic foods

When picking up my groceries, I am always one to take a look at the ingredients. Most of the time I am looking at nutritional facts and how much sodium or sugar is contained within. When take a read at the ingredients there are always a few ingredients that I tend to be wary of:…

How to Deal with Toxins

Every day, the average person encounters benzene. Benzene damages DNA and causes cancer. When you are pumping gas, a small amount of benzene is inhaled. You also are exposed to other chemical toxins from paint, printing ink, coolants, wood floor finishes, cosmetics, pizza boxes, and popcorn bags. Some of these toxic chemicals are PCBs, BPAs,…