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There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do.”Dr. Temple Grandin

We help by treating the whole person, not just the brain.Treatments and Medicine for Autism

We have a product that helps non-communicative children speak in 30-60 days — RERUM–  CHONDROITIN SULFATEKetoKerri stands behind its products and wants to give the consumer a risk free opportunity to try them out.

Start with 2 drops under the tongue per day. Can be gradually increased to 20 drops. Cost $70/ 4oz

Frankincense essential oil — helps the brain lymphatics to drain. Apply 2-4 drops to temple and forehead.

Magnetic Thumper helps to reduce the infections, drain brain lymphatics, and heal faster.

  • Identify the food intolerances
  • Eliminate mercury, lead, aluminum with foot soaks, EDTA suppositories, IMD, and DMSA
  • Eliminate mold with the ultraviolet light system and diffuser
  • Reduce the cell phone radiation/ computer radiation
  • Identify the nutritional deficiencies
  • Eliminate the leaky gut with  Restore and Colostrum LD
  • Help with constipation and/or diarrhea
  • Eliminate the pain in their digestive system
  • Help with poor sleep
  • Decrease their repeated infections — coughs, colds, ear infections
  • Increase liver function
  • Help with candida, parasites, mold, bacteria, and viral overload
  • Nexus suppositories for the elimination of parasites
  • CBT (cranial biotic therapy) decreases infections without antibiotics and without supplements.

Autism Treatment in Calgary

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