Calgary Naturopathic Clinic

Western Naturopathic is a full service Calgary naturopathic clinic with Dr. Eugene Quan, a pharmacist and naturopath for over sixteen years. Dr. Eugene’s goal is to help people get better by finding the cause. Dr. Eugene specializes in ART (Autonomic Response Testing) and Alfa Thermography to find the underling problem.

Selecting a Naturopathic Doctor in Calgary

What are your goals? What are Dr.Eugene’s goals? His goals are to give you the best health in the shortest time. Naturopathic medicine focuses on disease prevention, helping the organs to function optimally, get rid of mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium. In the last 20 years our environment is filled with by more unwanted chemicals, pesticides, cell phone radiation and herbicides. We must choose to cleanse our body.

When to see a Naturopath

You are not feeling well, have no energy, not sleeping, no focus and are moody. The medical doctor has said all your tests are normal. The dentist says the x-rays show everything is normal. The chiropractor has been adjusting you for 6 months and still the alignment is not right. Your physiotherapist is stretching and strengthening, but there is still pain. It is time to see a naturopath. Treatment at the naturopathic clinic may involve a change in diet, foot soaks, vitamin infusions, magnetic therapy, ozone, saunas, coffee enemas, prolotherapy, and parasite cleanses.

What can Western Naturopathic do for you?

As an experienced naturopath in Calgary, Dr. Eugene’s treatment plan is to fix the causes. A deficiency, a virus, parasites, molds, heavy metals, a scar, a root canal, nerve degeneration, sub-optimal organs, unbalanced hormones, or an emotional issue. We wish the symptoms to go away permanently.

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